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If you book us... we will come.


04.19.12 NEW YORK, NY - CAKE SHOP - $8

w/ PLUSHIES, The Inhalers, Downtown Boys, Bugs in the Dark, The Ravers, and The Pink Parts

w/ Wheel Bite, 4-Sids and ROOT GLEN!

01.28.12 ALLSTON, MA - GAY GARDENS - $5 (probably)
w/ Cave Girls and more

01.27.12 PROVIDENCE, RI - BUILDING 16 - $5 Donation
w/ Cave Girls, Whore Paint, Kraang, Songs

12.17.11 NEW YORK, NY - The Cake Shop - $5
w/ Plushies, Girlfriends, Bugs in The Dark

10.02.11 BOSTON, MA - Zuzu's - FREE
w/ The Pink Parts

09.17.11 BROOKLYN, NY - Tommy's Tavern
w/ Columboid and The Plushies

09.16.11 WORCESTER, MA - The Distant Castle
w/ The Cavegirls, The Dungeoneers and The Pink Parts

09.14.11 ERIE, PA - The Crooked I
w/ My 3 Scum and The Couchriders

09.13.11 COLUMBUS, OH - Legion of Doom
w/ Dirty Mouth

09.12.11 DOVER, OH - The Dover Ballroom
w/ The Shivs

09.10.11 GRAND RAPIDS, MI - D.A.A.C.
w/ Positive Noise and Oiley Menace

09.09.11 MUSKEGON, MI - Temple House
w/ The Badcocks and Courtesy Spit

09.08.11 CHICAGO, IL - Rancho Huevos
w/ Buff Shit and The Outs

09.05.11 OLYMPIA, WA - The House
w/ Crude Thought and Living Eyes

09.04.11 PORTLAND, OR - The Know
w/ Boom and Social Graces

09.02.11 OAKLAND, CA - The Church
w/ Big Crux and Criminal Code

09.01.11 OXNARD, CA - The Kenji Shack
w/ Sea Lions and Sex Change

08.30.11 HOLLYWOOD, CA - Records Ad Nauseam
w/ Nasa Space Universe, Low Places, Dischug

08.19.11 PHILADELPHIA, PA - JR's Bar
w/ Foreign Objects and more

08.18.11 BROOKLYN, NY - Tommy's Tavern
w/ Coboja, High Teen Boogie and Baby Erection

08.13.11 NEW YORK CITY, NY - Cake Shop
w/ Bugs in The Dark, Coloumboid, The Whore and The Denzels

06.04.11 EASTHAMPTON, MA - The Flywheel
w/ PYSCHO, Powerblessings, Gimlet Slip, and COD

06.03.11 BOSTON, MA - P.A.'s Lounge
w/ The Nose Jobs, Pink Parts and The Fagettes

05.28.11 BROOKLYN, NY - Tommy's Tavern
w/ The Nosejobs, Pink Parts

05.03.11 NEW YORK CITY, NY - Cake Shop
w/ Our Mountain

04.23.11 BROOKLYN, NY - Bruar Falls
w/ No Fun, Florida, and Strange Rivals

03.19.11 NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - The Loft
w/ I Hope You Die - Ave Satanas

02.26.11 BOSTON, MA - P.A.'s Lounge
w/ The Fagettes - The Nosejobs - The Beatings

02.08.11 BROOKLYN, NY - Bruar Falls
w/ Gross Relations and The Toothaches.

01.08.11 NEW YORK CITY, NY - Cake Shop
w/ Forgetters and The Homewreckers

12.11.10 BROOKLYN, NY - Tommy's Tavern
w/ The Ravers and The Mooch

11.06.10 WORCESTER, MA - The Raven
It's a festival show, kids!

10.29.10 BROOKLYN, NY - Tommy's Tavern
w/ No Fun - Moonmen on the Moon, Man - The Ravers

10.16.10 BOSTON, MA - P.A.'s Lounge
w/ Gondoliers - Boyfriends - Impossible Hair

09.20.10 CAKE SHOP New York, NY
the second show

09.19.10 TRASH BAR Brooklyn, NY
the first show