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I would first like to say that TOMMY'S TAVERN is my favorite place to play in Brooklyn. it rules. cheap beer, a pool table, the worlds greatest sound man - JAY. I'm sorry but how many fucking bars have you been to lately where the sound man gives enough of a shit about the band that while he's controlling the sound, he's also turning on a spinning disco light, a strobe light and IF you are lucky, a smoke machine. Oh, are the drinks are affordable? please. I could go on forever about this place but there was also a kick ass show that took place last weekend.

GONE BAD was lucky enough to play with The Pink Parts and The Nose Jobs who made the trip from Boston to rock with us. Both bands totally killed it and I feel like we played one of our best sets to date, just because the energy was so high. The walls were shaking because everyone was rocking so much. it was great! AND nothing broke! We even did an extra song, an impromptu GONE BAD version of The Stooges "I wanna be your dog". Then to top it off, all the bands came together and sang "bohemian rhapsody" by the pool table and i felt like i was in some weird movie.

Let's see what else.... oh also a guy crazy guy got thrown out and the metal bars were gated across the windows and i thought i was going to be spending the night barricaded inside Tommy's. when i woke up the next morning i was still covered in shit and who ever knows what from Tommy's floor. I guess when that happens, you know it was a good night. lucky for us we're playing with the nose jobs and the pink parts again this Friday - but the fagettes are also joining us!

who knows whats going to happen this weekend.