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The tour is over. But the dream is still alive.... or whatever. We would like to thank everyone around the country who helped us set up shows, let us stay in their home, fed us delicious food and rocked out to us. We WILL be back again soon. In the meantime, enjoy these photographic tour memories and stay tuned for 2012 WINTER TOUR and possibly... EUROPEAN TOUR. GLOBAL DOMINATION!


Andy and Gretchen in THE BADLANDS

Living in the car.... it's just ok.

Backstage with Garfield and Shoney Bear

Dover, Ohio... go there.

Chillin' in da cool zone.

Are you ready for LIVE rocking on STAGE?!

Pudding Wrestling in Muskegon. Michigan is the coolest state.

Muskegon, Michigan. Again, cool.

A fucked up looking cactus in Wall, South Dakota. The food here sucks.

WAFFLE HOUSE.... in Virginia.

Gretchen, trying to sleep but Andy was probably farting on her.

"I am sleeping. Do not photograph me. In fact, get away from me" - Emily Geanacopoulos 2011

Coco went Hollywood on everyone.

D Mack. The coolest tow truck driver in all of Tennessee.

Andy brushing his teeth at a rest stop off of Route 66 in New Mexico.

Our personal hotel mini bar.

Emily G - giving you the finger while she swims.

More live rocking.

This was from the 4th time our car broke down.

Getting ICED in a Pep Boys parking lot in Knoxville, TN.

Getting ICED in a gas station parking lot somewhere else in TN.

Getting ICED by a river in Ashville, North Carolina.

Going insane from being in the car for 17 hours. Oklahoma.

Coco sheds a tear for Johnny Ramone.

Hello, and welcome to the tombstone of DEE DEE RAMONE!

When we played a show..... in Olympia

More rocking to be had.

Emily's mom wearing the officially licensed GONE BAD COMMEMORATIVE TOUR TSHIRT. She refused to give the finger.


When ICE-ING is not enough... behold: NUGGING. Being forced to eat chicken mcnuggets at a Walmart in Jackson, TN.

This image needs no caption.