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GONE BAD destroys the CAKE SHOP

Hey GONE BADDIES!!! For those of you that came out to our shows at the Cake Shop and Trash Bar last weekend, thanks a bunch! It was so nice to see everyone rocking out and going bad with us. For those of you who wanted to re-live the show (or live it for the first time), I decided to put up a few photos from the Cake Shop, taken by our very good friend, the coolest dude ever... ALAN BETTS.

The show went great and we played our hearts out. I got a little carried away and dove off the amps knocking everything over and unplugging Emily's guitar. Ooopsie daisy! But luckily a member of CREEPTALES was able to help a gal out just in time for Emily to kill the ending of the song like a pro.

If you wanna see more of our rocking and me hurting myself stay tuned because GONE BAD has a bunch of shows coming up. So get ready to ROCK OUT WITH YOUR DOC OUT!!!!!!!!!!
- Coco -

Theres photos if you click right down here!