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We are back and we are rehearsing new material. Why not get reacquainted with us in the meantime?

Coco A GoGo / Lead Vocals
Coco is no bullshit. She attended Julliard where she exclusively studied skin flute. She is also an ex member of YOUR PARENTS, but now that she has giving up her bass and organ for the mic, she is free to deliver lyrics hotter than Satan's taint and stage antics that would make David Lee Roth wet.

Emily G. / Guitar
Emily G has been rocking it straight pretty much from birth. She's been in numerous bands since middle school, including THE GEORGIE PORGIES and then went solo in the mid 2000s when she started her own record label. She could pretty much melt your face with one of her killer guitar riffs.

The Doc / Drums

The Doc means business. This seasoned musician has toured cross country on a school bus running on veggie oil and is a former member of bands such as the CRUMBUMS, BOB BARKER YOUTH, TERMINAL YOUTH, S.P.O.S. and currently hits the skins in GARBAGE STRIKE. Ladies and Gentlemen prepare to "rock out with your doc out"!!!